Tempo Gelato Yogyakarta – Shop 3 Furniture Project

The project of Tempo Gelato outlet no. 3 was begun at the early year of 2018. Maison Deco Yogyakarta team starts with destroying the old building and redrawing new concept from the first floor.

We use a lot of iron bar and wood stock from the furniture factory in Yogyakarta, because the main concept remains the same with the last project from Tempo Gelato Yogyakarta, that is Industrial Rustic theme.

All table covered with 316 stainless plate 1 mm to avoid rust then combined with the cast iron legs to make it steady and last longer. To make something new with the lighting, we prepare a 3 mm iron sheet and cut based on roman clock with laser. Also we put an new product, a Centurion Croissant Table from our Centurions Collection. as you can see in the picture bellow.